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Infamous Impostor
God, I don't know... Honestly, what is there to write about?) My life here is so amazing, but I'm running out of time here. And... and you know what, I think I'm going to be crying my soul out at the airport.

@музыка: Lara Fabian- Piano Nocturne

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@темы: C'est la vie, DM, EW 101, and so it is, delusion of possession


Infamous Impostor

I'll keep this entry short. I went overboard, and came up with a romantic solution for just the two of us. Hot tub, candles, wine and ultimately the whole apparment to ourselves. And we couldn't be happier.


Later on, Jane and Sabik came by, had their own fair share of happiness and afterwards we all went out to grab dinner at Taglaura. I love you guys, it was one of those the time of my life days.

@настроение: :heart:

@темы: EW 101, coming someday, and so it is, HDA, DM


Infamous Impostor

Double-date/Romantic dinner with D and J&S. Boys went to the Mall, bought groceries, and the four of us prepared an extraordinary dinner together. We lit the candles, sat in my room at the big table, D in front of me, drank wine. It was all so surreal to me, to us.


Later on we played poker. Apparently, my man is really good at everything. :heart:


After a while Lux, Lika, Leila and Gedi showed up, and so we decided to up the stakes, by drinking beer and playing twister. Gosh, that was so much fun. Afterwards we played Truth&Dare, and let me say this - Sabik, dancing YMCA under Lux's supervision was really something! Bravo, I didn't think he had it in him))). As for Lux, Lika totally blew his mind by handcuffing him to a chair, and placing ice-cubs under his shirt. You should have seen his face!


After everyone left, D and I had the whole night to ourselves. It was the most logical ending to the perfect day.

@темы: and so it is, HDA, EW 101, DM, coming someday


Infamous Impostor

"I believe humanity was born from conflict. Maybe that’s why in all of us lives a dark side. Some of us embrace it. Some have no choice. The rest of us fight it. In the end, it’s as natural as the air we breathe. At some point, we’re forced to face the truth. Ourselves."


@музыка: Billy Joel - Only The Good Die Young

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Infamous Impostor
I think... No. I'm pretty sure I finally learned how to be happy and embrace it.

@темы: delusion of possession, and so it is, HDA


Infamous Impostor
And one more thing: the day from the beginning to the very end was absolutely amazing, surprising, and productive, and so many things I won't even begin to write about...)

@музыка: Akira Yamaoka - The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind

@настроение: fuck yea ©

@темы: and so it is, EW 101, DM, delusion of possession


Infamous Impostor
Ан нет, одна мысль. Мысль то одна...

@музыка: Akira Yamaoka - Promise

@настроение: удивлена

@темы: DM, EW 101


Infamous Impostor
Две мысли. Две. Мысли две. Две мысли то и дело посещают мою голову.

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@темы: DM, EW 101, delusion of possession


Infamous Impostor

"Sociopaths can't feel psychic pain but they can feel physical pain." *


"Partners come to us in various ways, bound together for many different reasons. But for any partnership to work, you must not only accept this person into your life, but accept them for who they are. Sometimes partners find us, and as much as we try to push them away, they work their way into our lives regardless, until we finally realize how much we need them." *


@темы: WW, delusion of possession, quotes


Infamous Impostor

Peeling a tangerine is very much like making your way through life: you may meticulously rid it of its skin; carefully remove all the white leftovers, and only afterwards proceed with actually eating the fruit. Or, you can go easy on the ritual, and skip right to the best part. In the end, it doesn't really matter how you do it, because the result is pretty much the same... as long as you truly enjoy the taste.

@настроение: cold turkey

@темы: just a thought


Infamous Impostor
Let the awkwarness begin... not! Plus I was meaning to write about it, but the irony... the symbolism, and more of the irony is killing me. :gigi: Which, I'm not really sure is a good thing or not. Probably neither.

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Infamous Impostor
Друзья. Ипподром. Твистер. "Правда или Дело".

@настроение: wasted

@темы: DM, EW 101, and so it is


Infamous Impostor
The call.


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Infamous Impostor
Закрытая запись, не предназначенная для публичного просмотра


Infamous Impostor
When is comes to "life", résumés and references should come as a package deal.

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Infamous Impostor

пиздец короче) столько всего навалилось написать))) как минимум 3 записи я уже насчитала. Жень, как только засяду дома - обязательно напишу, и без капслоков (chuckle)

Halloween. Cache.

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Infamous Impostor
the time of my life

@темы: DM, EW 101, HDA, and so it is, coming someday


Infamous Impostor
The game was canceled due to incompetency, and idiocy, and complete lack of sense of adventure of the freakin' dumbass morons, who didn't not come to the game. (puke)

@музыка: Wang Chung - Space Junk

@настроение: enraged

@темы: and so it is, EW 101, DM


Infamous Impostor

Разговор с братиком:


- You know, you're the best sister in the world and I love you.

- I don't deserve that, but still, when you're this hot shot millionaire tennis player, I'm gonna come to your place and rub it in your face.

- My dogs will be there to bite you.

- But you love me, don't you?!

- I do, but my dogs won't.

@музыка: Coldplay - Speed Of Sound

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Infamous Impostor
How can you see with sequins in your eyes?

@темы: EW 101, delusion of possession, just a thought

cognitive dissonance