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Infamous Impostor
Pardon my French, but this was a total ёбанаврот evening. :lol::lol::lol: Oh my God. And I mean it! OH MY GOD! :lol:

@настроение: lolwut :alles:

@темы: DM, EW 101, MHP


Infamous Impostor
Why would you do that?

@настроение: EW Dr. Br

@темы: delusion of possession


Infamous Impostor
Breaking point. I'll finish this entry, because it is very important. Just not right now, I can't handle all the confusion and lack of stress of any kind.

@настроение: fucked up

@темы: delusion of possession, coming someday, and so it is, Obsession


Infamous Impostor
There's this absolutely lovely place with a white piano and posters hanging on the walls; posters with timeless phrases like "We'll Always Have Paris". ;) And I will always have a memory of a little piece of Casablanca hidden somewhere on Shardeni st. Lovely.

@настроение: =)

@темы: quotes, MHP, DM


Infamous Impostor

@настроение: revolted

@темы: EW 101, delusion of possession


Appealing in its simplicity and brusqueness.

Infamous Impostor
"If everyone were more selfish, the world would be a better place." ©

@темы: WW, quotes


Infamous Impostor
"The sea breeze has always brought me clarity. It's hard to get enough oxygen on land. It's hard to... breathe." ©

@темы: MHP, quotes


Infamous Impostor
"Вот была у тебя собачка и она умерла. После этого сразу не заводят собачек... тем более дворняжек." © Jane

@настроение: :up:

@темы: WW, quotes


Infamous Impostor
I'm having one of those venomous "in your face" moments. Right now, life is perfect in its very imperfect way). I love it. <3

@настроение: happy

@темы: delusion of possession, and so it is, HDA, EW 101


Cheesy Pompousness

Infamous Impostor

I love my family, I love my friends, and I totally hate myself for saying any of it, and in order to maintain my irrevocable, impetuous and all-consuming love towards myself, I'm taking it all back.

Fuck you all. :gigi:

@настроение: capricious

@темы: delusion of possession, and so it is, MHP, HDA, EW 101


City Rally\Сити Срали © Jenny

Infamous Impostor

The day was absolutely swell. The game itself was okay, but totally fun. The best thing is, this was the first game I actually spent with my friends.) The Great White Buffalo in action. ;)




4th place out of 16 teams.))) not bad, not bad indeed. plus we were THIS close to 3-4 places if..., but it's okay either ways)

@музыка: The Who - Eminence Front

@настроение: =)

@темы: MHP, HDA, EW 101, DM


Infamous Impostor
Does Dr. Brennan know?

@темы: just a thought


Infamous Impostor
September 23 - The Day of Great News: 30 days to go, maybe less. :smirk:

@темы: HDA, and so it is


Infamous Impostor
"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at"... LAX.

@музыка: Red Sparowes - Finally As That Blazing Sun Shone Down Upon Us Did We Know That True Enemy Was The Voice Of Blind Idolatry; And Only Then Did We Begin To Think For Ourselves

@настроение: <3

@темы: just a thought, HDA, quotes


Finish Line

Infamous Impostor
That's [almost] all, Folks... ) Next step is to receive the package that's already been shipped out. Which means that we'll be heading towards US Embassy in no time. It's going to take less than two months, and I don't think I need to mention, how hard I want to get out of this place into the real world out there.)

@настроение: excited

@темы: HDA, and so it is


Infamous Impostor
And J, I'm gonna get you very soon. Game on.

@темы: EW 101, HDA


Infamous Impostor

When you're running in circles, it's only natural that the very moment you stop - you'll feel dizziness taking over your head, doesn't matter how often you had to slow down "to catch your breath". Take your time, compose yourself, and you'll see that it's about time you stepped out of the circle and got on the road again. Just remember one thing, and it's imperative that you never forget it: you don't always have to "take the high road", if you know what I mean. Take a freeway instead ;)

@темы: just a thought, and so it is


Infamous Impostor
Всё хорошо, и счастлива. А счастье оно такое - много слов не требует. ;)

@настроение: =)

@темы: and so it is, MHP, HDA


Infamous Impostor

@настроение: :(

@темы: and so it is, HDA, C'est la vie


Infamous Impostor
I would like to state that my previous entry turned out to be irrelevant and therefore is off the table... for the time being.

@настроение: same as in the previous one

@темы: just a thought, coming someday, and so it is

cognitive dissonance