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Igor' was right.

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Infamous Impostor


12:40 AM

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... а сигареты есть всегда.

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I hope that day will come very soon: the day when I strain my voice once again in celebration of yet another impossible dream coming true...

@музыка: Rollo Dilworth - No Rocks A-Cryin'

@настроение: sentimental kind of happy)

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Majority defines, exception - refines.

@настроение: inspired

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- You look so happy.

And I did... I was really happy today. I feel like I'm finally getting there.

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Collectivism vs. individualism; east coast - west coast; warm-cold or cold-warmth; so on and so forth.
April, I'm really counting on you. I hope you mark the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life: the chapter full of discoveries, indepence, and new dreams that will come true soon.

@настроение: excited

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Whenever she got obsessed and made herself imprint on something, she would completely lose her ability to think straight. The ultimate desire to have, to achieve, drove her mad. Fortunately, life had been very generous and never let her pursue those outrageous endeavors; otherwise, she would've ended up smashing into the wall that was a little too thick for her to take on.

I'm wholeheartedly grateful for having my head still intact and believe
there is a time
for everything. Let us see how it plays out this time.

@музыка: Frost* - Million Town

@темы: MHP, delusion of possession, HDA


Infamous Impostor

She was so overwhelmed that couldn't stop erasing every single line she wrote. She did believe in justice being served in the end, at least, she knew that is was served in his case. But what about all those people who saw and heard everything. but still did nothing? Why didn't those callous cowards step up and do the right thing? She sured hoped they were punished too, maybe even more than those murderers and their families did. It's not evil that possesses people and makes this world an ugly and atrocious place, it's cowardice, ignorance, and indifference that people possess.


I do love you life, you know. I still do. It's just, sometimes you don't make any sense. I want to believe that his death wasn't in vain as much as I'm making my life to be.

@настроение: upset

@темы: C'est la vie, delusion of possession


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Dave told me this awesome thing about LA. He says the whole town is like this blank canvas, and whatever you bring to it... that's what it is. It's just this random collection of neighborhoods where it's always sunny and it basically reflects wherever you're at back at you. So if you're happy, LA is great. If you're not, LA sucks. But it has nothing to do with Los Angeles because... get this... there's no such thing.

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The Story of My Life

Infamous Impostor
- Everybody wants to be happy.
- Depressives don't. They want to be unhappy to confirm they're depressed. If they were happy they couldn't be depressed anymore. They'd have to go out into the world and live. Which can be depressing.


@настроение: elated

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The Girl in the Field

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Cleaning her diary from vacuous entries and unkept promises was part of her New Year's resolution. As she roamed about the impalpable pages covered in ash from the fallout, she stumbled upon words that made her grasp the ultimate 42 to her life: lumen is just a unit, not a flux.

@музыка: Norah Jones - Carnival Town

@темы: MHP, just a thought


11:23 (Diary's clock is off)

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It's been a long year, long being a euphemism for shitty and wasteful. I have only one New Year's resolution this year, which, I believe, is the most important one at this point of my life. And, let's leave it at that.

@настроение: not as bad as expected

@темы: DM, and so it is


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- Would you rather always walk backwards or being stabbed when take a new step?
- I guess I would uh... walk backwards, I'm not good with pain. You?
- I like to see where I'm going.

@музыка: Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness

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Some dreams eventually do come true.

@настроение: happy


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Life has a way of acknowledging its presence when we stop experiencing it. I saw two stories tonight. One took me to snow-covered Paris to search for the ultimate purport of life. The other one unveiled a glimpse of what happens when two purports meet: a couple of old dreamers with young souls sitting in the middle of a lonely showing room and waiting to see a beautiful fairytale together.


"I'd imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn't be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason." ©

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Time and patience. :)

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I could never understand "alcoholism." Alcohol doesn't silence pain, nor does it make the world seem like a place worth living any more than a lucid eye perceives it to be. Alcohol or no alcohol - it's all bullshit; it's all a matter of how you look at things. Things . . . God, I hate that word. (puke)



@настроение: exhausted

@темы: delusion of possession


Infamous Impostor

A year ago on this very day I was the happiest person in this world. I had it all: close friends who went through fire and water with me; a loved one, who I was meant to spend the rest of my life with and make it "ours"; a bright and amazing future I had been looking for for almost 7 years; terrific memories and even more terrific expectations ahead. Yes, I had it all.


Today is my special birthday - 23/23. Today I'm the loneliest and saddest person in this very same world that once made me feel so happy and inspired. It feels like the end of the world, the only difference is that I'm alone in this apocalypse. I do still have a little faith: I want to believe that whatever happen - happens for a reason, because otherwise my life does not make any sense. I just want it to get better. I want to be able to feel that happiness I had a year ago. But the truth is, I'm so lost that I don't think I'll be found ever again.



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