Infamous Impostor

She was so overwhelmed that couldn't stop erasing every single line she wrote. She did believe in justice being served in the end, at least, she knew that is was served in his case. But what about all those people who saw and heard everything. but still did nothing? Why didn't those callous cowards step up and do the right thing? She sured hoped they were punished too, maybe even more than those murderers and their families did. It's not evil that possesses people and makes this world an ugly and atrocious place, it's cowardice, ignorance, and indifference that people possess.


I do love you life, you know. I still do. It's just, sometimes you don't make any sense. I want to believe that his death wasn't in vain as much as I'm making my life to be.

@настроение: upset

@темы: C'est la vie, delusion of possession


cognitive dissonance