Infamous Impostor
I'm going to make a promise to myself and I'm going to try till the bitter end to keep it, because otherwise what's the fucking point of my life?
I'm going to join crossfit and become very strong and tone. I'm never going to smoke again (vaping doesn't count...yet). I'm going to save this fucking semester and wing it, even though it's going to be very hard to do at this point, but I'll do my best. I'm going to keep my 2 jobs and, hopefully, I'll get a third one at a hospital. I'm going to start making enough money to move out and finally live on my own. I'm going to move the fuck out and finally enjoy peace and quiet. And I'll keep working very hard to maintain that lifestyle. And then the time will come and I will graduate. I'll start paying off my student loans, while working possibly two jobs and taking pre-requisits for grad school at a community college. And maybe a year or year and a half later I will apply to USC Keck...and maybe even some other schools in other states. I will get into the program, whichever one I will qualify for most and will make ME happy. And two years later I will finally become a physicians assistant and I'll start making loads of money, which I will spend on traveling the world.
And this entire time from the starting point to the desired destination, I will never ever again let another human being drag me down and make me feel miserable. And I will fuck every single man in uniform I want but I won't let any of them close ever again. And who knows, somewhere down the line I will meet the person that I will truly and fully love, who will be an accomplished, happy person and will love me just the same.
NO wizard that there is or WAS

@темы: and so it is, HDA, C'est la vie


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